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DIY Craft: Glowing Firefly Jars

glow in the dark firefly mason jar

Have you ever wanted to add a unique DIY light element to your space? Well, look no more because firefly jars are IT! They glow in the dark, giving off a subtle ambiance. Making them is easy and fun, and it’s also a great craft to do just to pass the time.

To start, you will need a mason jar of any size, glow-in-the-dark paint, a paintbrush of your choice, and a light source. A napkin or paper towel may be needed to wipe your brush on.

The mason jar, the paint, and the paintbrush can all be purchased from any store that sells art and craft supplies. I personally got everything from Hobby Lobby.

After you gather your materials, you are ready to set up your workspace and begin making your DIY glowing jar.

First, unscrew the lid and remove the top from your mason jar. Either take the cap off your paint or squeeze a glob onto a paint palette for easy access. If you choose to use a paper towel, then place your paper towel nearby for quick access.

(If you do not choose to use a paper towel, that is completely fine. The paper towel is just for cleaning up any little messes or wiping your brush on. )

Once everything is set up and ready, the painting process can begin!

Next, dip the end of your paintbrush into the paint and get a good amount on your brush. However, go easy because you do not need that much paint and it will just make it look blobby.

Take the paintbrush and carefully reach inside the jar and place a dot of paint on the glass. You can make the dots big, small, or all different sizes. Do NOT use water to dip your brush in.

I repeat: DO NOT dip your brush in water to paint the firefly dots. It will just make a big mess and ruin the project.

After you make your first few test dots and are happy with the results, continue dipping your brush in the paint and making dots on the inside of the jar.

NOTE: putting the dots on the inside is very important. If you put the dots on the outside of the jar, they will easily rub off and all of your hard work will be lost. You can make however many dots you would like.

Do not forget to make dots on the inside bottom of the jar also. If you want your jar to really glow, make as many dots as you can

After you have made your dots, you are ready for the last stages of the project! *drumroll*

Take your jar and place it under a light source. You could use a bright lamp, but the sun would be the best option. Leave the lid off of the jar while it dries under the light.

The light will also charge up the paint and help create the glow, so placing the jar under light is a must. Once it has dried, you’re done!

Yay! You have just made your very own DIY firefly jar!

Place it in a dark area or wait until night and watch it glow! It will look like little stars or fireflies inside and be a great addition to your décor.

Follow these steps to make one again.

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