Why Spirituality In the Workplace Is Critical for Employee and Employer

Sarah E Ashley
3 min readSep 14, 2022

What is the importance of spirituality in the workplace, and should you care?

spirituality in the workplace
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The notion of spirituality in the workplace is a growing focus for both employers and employees.

But in a world ruled by results and monetary gain, business seems to leave little room for matters of the spirit. In reality, it’s all up to individual leaders to encourage spiritual growth on the job and foster an environment where people feel comfortable existing in.

In fact, I could argue that it has almost become an expectation as workforce culture shifts. Leaders and organizations are now responsible for creating conditions where individuals can self-actualize and gain more than a 40hr paycheck.

Workplace Spirituality Meaning

So, what exactly is the meaning of workplace spirituality? According to the words of Petchsawang and Duchon (2009), spirituality at work means “having compassion towards others, experiencing a mindful inner consciousness in the pursuit of meaningful work and that enables transcendence.”

Ultimately, it’s about finding purpose, meaning, and value in your workday outside of toiling away for a paycheck. Workplace spirituality is about creating a sense of unity among the organization while putting empathy and growth at the forefront.

This is not to be confused with religion in the workplace.

Importance of Spirituality in an Organization

Fostering spirituality in the workplace is important across all levels. By doing so, it teaches individuals, leaders, and organizations how to prioritize spirituality for better well-being, intellectual capital, and a better job experience.

Improves Productivity

From a company perspective, improved productivity is just one reason why spirituality in the workplace is so critical for an organization. People naturally work better when they feel like they can put their heart into their work and be received positively.

Elevates the Environment

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